Commercial Breaks London Limited trading as Radioville Productions Privacy Policy

For the purpose of this document ‘Commercial Breaks London Limited trading as Radioville Productions’ will be referred to as ‘Radioville Productions’

What is this policy for?

Radioville Productions is a creative agency and production company that specialises in radio and audio advertising, marketing and programming, including, but not limited to, radio commercials, digital audio marketing, online audio, sound to picture, sound design and music production.

We are committed to protecting your privacy.  This privacy policy explains how we use any personal data we collect about you.  We collect your personal data because it helps us to provide you with the services you have requested or, where you have given us your permission to do so, to send you information that we think you’ll find interesting, and thereafter when we store your data internally.  We have strict procedures to protect your data when you send it to us.

The data protection law gives individuals the right to understand and control, how their data is used.  We take our obligations under data law very seriously.

What information do we collect about you?

When you use the Radioville Productions website we may automatically collect data about your equipment, browsing actions and patterns.  We collect this personal data by using cookies. We may collect information from you via your business card, email signature, link requests via social media or website enquiries.  We aim to store only as much personal data as we need, and no more.  Any other websites that is linked to are owned and operated by Radioville Productions.  These include 

What specific personal data do we collect from you?

We may collect part or all of the following data from you:

  • Name
  • Business address
  • Home address
  • Email addresses
  • Job description
  • Job application
  • Photographs
  • Correspondence to and from an individual or individuals employed by Radioville Productions
  • Correspondence to and from an individual or individuals not employed by Radioville Productions, but where a Radioville Productions employee is included in the correspondence as part of a business discussion or transaction
  • Social media handle and details when relevant to Radioville Productions’ business sector

How do we store the information we collect about you?

All of our business information is stored in our digital address book and company data folder on our server.  Access to this information is restricted to current Radioville Productions employees only who each have a unique log in and password to the server.  When necessary we also grant our I.T. service provider access to our server.

We have relationships with partner companies, operating in the same field as Radioville Productions, based in the UK and USA, but do not share any of your personal data with them.

If we link with you and/or you ‘follow’ Radioville Productions on sites such as facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, we will only hold information which allows a member of our team to email you, unless otherwise agreed with you.  We will issue you with a Privacy Notice and advise you of your options to stay in touch with us, and how to give us your consent.

If you have connected with us and consented to receiving blogs, newsletters or articles of interest, this is the only information you will receive from us.  You may opt out of receiving this information at any time by ‘unsubscribing’ or ‘unfollowing’.

When do we use the information we collect about you?

We only use your personal data when the law allows us to.  Most commonly we will use your personal data in order to perform the contract we are about to enter or have entered into with you.

How to gain access to the information we hold on you

At any time you have the right to request the information we hold about you.  If you would like a copy of all or part of this information please email  We endeavour to do this free of charge, but occasionally there may be a small cost involved depending on the information.  We will advise you of this cost.

Keeping data up to date or removing data

We want to ensure that your personal data is up to date.  Periodically we review the data we hold on you.  At any time you may ask us to correct or remove information you think is inaccurate.  You may also ask us to delete all data we hold on you.

How long do we hold data on you?

We will hold your data as long as we are involved in a business relationship with you or you have connected with us via social media.  If you have decided you do not wish to connect with us we will remove your data before or during the next periodical review of the data we hold, which could be up to one year.

If you have previously had a contractual obligation to us we will hold a copy of the contractual data for a period of six years from the end of the relationship.


We take all reasonable steps to protect your data with appropriate security measures to prevent any accidental or unauthorised access, damage, loss or disclosure.

All Radioville Productions staff are aware of responsible steps they must take to protect personal data and procedures to follow surrounding a data breach.  These security measures extend to our I.T. service providers.

How to contact us regarding your data

Please email or write to us at Radioville, Warwick House, Chapone Place, London, W1D 3BF if you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or your data.